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Serenity Beaches – Your Retreat Experience

The Serenity Story

I know you. I’ve been there. Your dream is to spend time on a tropical island in the middle of the winter, to escape the cold, the stress, the traffic and be surrounded by thick lush rain forests, long sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, brilliant stars in a dark black sky and take time to really be with your loved ones or tune back in to yourself and who you truly are. Serenity is all the things these dreams are made of.

When I was back in upstate New York driving to work on the freeways, shoveling snow, scraping the ice off my windshield, my greatest desire was to get to a place where I could relax and be warm. Just to slow down and move at a snails pace rather than at warp speed. I did it once a year for many years until I decided to make a lifestyle change.

At 56 I left the snow and the ice of New York and headed to Alaska. Yes that’s right, Alaska. It made no sense, but I learned many survival skills there that prepared me for the adventures to come. After leaving Alaska, I set out to explore the islands of the Pacific.

Here I am, 10 years later, with 25 structures spread over 8 acres with amazing privacy, incredible energy, and a Tongan staff of 16 that provides warm wonderful service that makes people feel like they are family by the time they leave. Here we are, in the shadow of the volcano near the site where the Mutiny on the Bounty took place. Serenity is a South Pacific paradise just waiting for you to visit and sit beside a campfire, share stories, read about the Mutiny while looking at the site, kayak over crystal-clear waters, snorkel among colorful fish, shower outside under the stars and live the dream.

Uoleva is a picture perfect island with a few small resorts scattered along 6 miles of sandy beaches. There are times when you can walk around the entire island and never see another person. At other times you can stop for a beer, a glass of ice-cold rain-water or a coconut fresh from the tree. This is the place for singles, families, explorers, honeymooners, and adventurers — those wishing to escape stress, relax, recharge and restore appreciation of life’s simple pleasures.

Now, if you like to party hard till the early hours of the morning this is not your place. But to some this is perfection.

Serenity is here waiting for you.

Watch the Serenity Videos

movie Living Ocean Yoga Tonga 2014

movie FreeDiving and Whale Encounters in Tonga

movie Aereal view from the ocean

movie Aereal view, hovering over the beach

movie Video of the Retreat Season at Serenity

movie Video of the Whale Season at Serenity

Uoleva was once listed by National Geographic as one of the top 10 island beach destinations in the world. Haʻapai was named, by Lonely Planet, as of the Top Ten Best in Travel Destinations onefor 2014. Click here to read the article.

soulcentreFree Diving & Whale Encounters are available through Apnea Australia

mpplogoRestorative Movement & Whale Encounter Retreats are available through Continuum Santa Fe

Group Retreats

Are you looking for a place to hold your next retreat? Serenity is the ultimate natural getaway. The rooms are placed a distance from one another ensuring privacy. A large octagonal room is used for yoga, dance, and meditation. There are 6 miles of white sand uninhabited beach where you can find remoteness and tranquility, as well as a wonderful spot for a campfire under the stars or watching a beautiful South Pacific sunset. Our restaurant serves fantastic food and is an ideal place for classes, a mastermind, or a think tank.

Serenity is a place where groups come from all over the world to experience stillness and the opportunity to focus. Erez Beatus from Israel and Australia brings his Apnea Australia free diving students as well as groups from China and Russia. Amber Elizabeth Gray from Santa Fe, New Mexico teaches all over the world and brings her Continuum groups “Dancing the Wild Home,” to spend time in nature. John Imhoff of Queenstown, New Zealand originally brought Wilderness Travel groups and now focuses on yoga groups from New Zealand. Wilhemeena Monroe brings groups from her Soul Center near Auckland to find silence in this place of stillness and profound untouched beauty. Katie Thompson and Anne Stephany bring groups from Australia, Alex brings a group each year from Russia as well as Vanessa who brings groups from France.

Maybe it is time for you to bring your group to experience Serenity. Contact us at or call +676 787 7777 to check availability.

Want to make a booking? You could do that through Little Hotelier or go to our contacts page.